Tel: (+351) 961 517 500
Duration: 7 dias
Location Montargil
Price: Under budget

7 days across rivers and creeks meander through spectacular scenery of mountains and pastures that make this central region of Portugal rich in flora and fauna. In the spring, the flowers are abundant in the meadows with spectacular colors also highlight the vast heritage megalithic and Roman the region. This tour along the week goes by several towns, villages and large lakes in the north and Alentejo as Foros do Mocho, Galveias, Benavila, Maranhão Dam, Avis, Figueira e Barros, Fronteira, Cabeço de Vide, Alter do Chão. We will enjoy the best that the interior of the Alentejo has to offer and share all the experiences at each end of day with the guides and tour mates.