Tel: (+351) 961 517 500
Duration: 3 horas
Location Montargil
Price: Under budget

The half- day tour is for all those who wish to venture into discovering Montargil.
Lasting about 3 hours, in addition to stunning scenery and the always enjoyable passage of the river and driving near the dam ( where you can go for a swim if the weather allows it), this tour always includes a stop about 30m a point of interest where you can get some rest and get to know the real Alentejo.
Since evidence of regional delicacies such as cheeses, sausages and wines, passing fields where you can see cork drawers (months May to August) using the same methods as 100 years ago, this tour allows you to lift the veil a little on the rich Alentejo culture while allowing you to feel the thrill of driving a vehicle off-road.