Buggy Trails Alentejo SW

We invite you for an off road experience within the trails out of the usual tourist routes and let us lead you into the unique and magnificent Alentejo.


Sit on a buggy and let us lead you to the discovery. We do the rest.

We have different experiences to offer, prepared carefully, bearing in mind safety, respecting the nature and worrying all time with your satisfaction. Come and be amazed with the routes and stops that we share with you. Accept our challenge and you will live unforgettable experiences.

We want to offer you not only the adventure and the funny of an off road vehicle but also get to know the natural and cultural heritage, traditional architecture and the most authentic people, and knowledgeable people who deserve all the respect. We want to inform and enhance the huge diversity of this beautiful area which is the largest county in the country. From all this landscapes and habitants of villages, rivers and dams, to the rural areas and fishing beaches.

Enjoy a color adventure, smells, sounds and silences, delicious flavors and diverse knowledge, of this region so rich and diverse that is Alentejo. A privileged area for its mild climate, ideal for nature tourism and the practicing outdoor activities throughout the year. Offering you the possibility to enjoy the features and charms of each season. In spring the fields are covered with flowers and a thousand colors that fill our eyes and present us the smell senses. In summer you will have the opportunity to find places of dense vegetation where you can enjoy the flora and fauna and enjoy refreshing baths and riversides, it is time to harvest cork under blazing sun. In autumn the days are warm and slow to cool, the colors and brightness of these months have a special touch, being able to enjoy the most enchanting sunsets, it is harvest season and bird watching. In winter the roads suffer major changes, more tortuous and muddy earn a special grace for lovers of off road roads, the houses heated by fireplaces become even more inviting to the tasting of regional delicacies.

                Come to fall in love with Alentejo!



Odemira Route

A tour around Odemira village, between the mountains and the mounted, along the banks of the Mira River. Lead us by old ways and come discover a...
From 75€

Horses Route

2 Hours
A tour through dirt roads around the Odemira village, enriched by a horse experience in a natural environment in the beautiful banks of the Mira...
From 105€

Village Route

3 Hours
A walk around the Odemira village, between the mountains, the river and the mounted. Come surprised at the diversity of the landscape and at the...
From 100€

Pego Route

3 Hours
Let yourself be guided on a tour of old ways that unveil a magnificent Alentejo with diverse and amazing landscapes. In the banks of the River...
From 135€

Mira Route

1 day
Meet the Mira River by land and water, an unforgettable ride! We put together the magnificent experience to drive a Buggy through the nature to...
From 235€

Sta Clara Dam Route

1 day
Embark on this journey and spend an unforgettable day at the wheel of a buggy. A full tour that takes us to the Alentejo innermost and...
From 205€

Sta Clara Dam Route and Navigation

1 day
Come and see the dam of Santa Clara by land and water. To our buggy trip we added an exciting boat ride through the clear and warm waters of this...
From 245€

Dam Route

A tour along the tracks of the Santa Clara Dam. We invite you to enjoy this magnificent landscape behind the wheel of a buggy and our company. An...
From 75€

Custom Routes

Under budget
So we can meet all our customers we have created our Custom Tours. We already have a wide range of partners in Restoration, Lodging and Tourism...
Under budget